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Inspection equipment

Release time:2020/04/22

1. Industrial TV internal inspection equipment: inspect the appearance quality of internal welding seam.

2. Magnetic particle flaw detector: inspect the near surface defects of steel pipe.

3. Ultrasonic automatic continuous flaw detector: it is used to inspect the transverse and longitudinal defects of the full length weld of steel pipe.

4. Ultrasonic manual flaw detector: re inspection of steel pipe defects, inspection of repair welding seam and weld quality after water pressure.

5. X-ray automatic flaw detector and industrial TV imaging equipment: inspect the internal quality of the full-length weld of the steel pipe, and the sensitivity shall not be less than 4%.

6. X-ray film equipment: inspect the original weld and repair weld, and the sensitivity shall not be less than 2%.

7. 2200t hydraulic press and microcomputer automatic recording system: check the pressure bearing quality of each steel pipe.

8. Mechanical property test equipment:

A hydraulic universal testing machine and computer control system: complete the mechanical property test of base metal and welding seam, including tensile force, guided bending, several types such as 100kN, 300KN, 600kN and 1000KN.

B grooving machine: grooving machine for Charpy impact test.

C Charpy impact testing machine: Charpy impact test is conducted at various test temperatures, and the impact energy is 300j.

D. all kinds of machine tools for sample processing: including turning, milling, planing, grinding machine, etc.

E low temperature box: minimum temperature - 80 ℃

9. Chemical composition analysis instrument:

A direct reading spectrometer: it can detect 26 kinds of chemical elements.

B hardness tester: hv10kg, hbrv187.5kg, hr150kg and hb3000kg

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