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Production equipment

Release time:2020/04/22


               Bridge crane: it can lift 32 tons of heavy steel coil. 

               Internal and external welding device: internal welding double wire, external welding double wire,                           Lincoln welder is selected, and infrared automatic tracking control system for internal and external                         welding is provided.

               Decoiler: double cone head uncoiler, which can remove 32 tons of heavy steel coil.        

               Steel belt stranding and leveling machine: it is a seven roll stranding machine, with plate thickness up to                25.4mm.   

               Automatic external repair welding device: repair weld defects.

               Plate shearing machine: it can cut 2000mm * 25.4mm rolling plate.               


               Flat end chamfering machine: ensure to meet the standard pipe end requirements.            

               Butt welder: welding steel with head and tail.


               Hydrostatic testing machine: 100% hydrostatic test.            


               Disc shear: cut the steel plate burr to the specified size.                

               Weighing and measuring device: weighing and measuring the length of steel pipe.          

               Edge milling machine: process the steel plate with diameter ≥ 10mm into the required groove.

               Guide plate: ensure the balance of steel plate into the molding machine.    

               Vertical roller device: ensure that the steel plate runs along the delivery line.                   

               Off line ultrasonic testing system: ultrasonic testing of steel pipe weld and steel pipe body.

               Delivery machine: two roller delivery machine is the main power of molding.                              

               Forming machine and bridge, output roller table, three bar bending plate and outer roll sizing type                       forming machine: can form Φ 219 - Φ 3500mm steel pipe. 

               Industrial TV X-ray automatic imaging system: X-ray detection and automatic recording for the full                         length weld of Φ 219 - Φ 3500mm steel pipe.